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Apollo Moon Landing Celebration

Where: Owens Field
When: July 17, 2007
Time: 6 - 11:00
Contacts: Apollo Hose Company # 2
Prices: To be announced
Info: !!!!! UPDATE !!!!! The Apollo Moon Landing Celebration will NOT be having fireworks this year due to the following. For the first time in the 38 year history, the Moon Landing Celebration coincides with another event of town pride. The Apollo Lions Little League is hosting a major tournament with district baseball champions across Western Pennsylvania. In the past, we have used the Little League Field to set off the fireworks. With the championship being played at the same site, we will not have the access to the field that week. For safety reasons, the fire department decided to forgo the fireworks for this year. We will still be having the Apollo Moon Landing Celebration in Owens Field, and will provide the same quality entertainment that we are famous for. Come out and support the Little League AND the Apollo Moon Landing Celebration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Update: July 04, 2007

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