Leechburg Cemetery

The Leechburg Cemetery has a long history here in Leechburg. The cemetery used to be located near the corner of 2nd Street and Center Avenue up to Siberian Avenue. In fact, that section of 2nd street did not exist until after cemetery was moved.

David Leech, the founder of Leechburg, is buried here. As is William Rogers (1827-1901), who was the first man to use natural gas in the manufacture of iron.

The cemetery now is located up off of 3rd street. It is on the edge of town, on a hill. The cemetery was moved due to fears of disease from poor burial methods. Not all the stones and markers were moved however, and every so often a resident digs a tombstone up out of their back yard.

The cemetery is very old and a number of graves have shifted or fallen over. A new board to oversee the cemetery was formed in 2011 and should be in better condition.

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