Veteran’s Memorial Field

This is where the Leechburg Blue Devils play all their home football games during the Fall football season.

Veteran’s Field Park

Features the nicest full basketball court in Leechburg.

Adjacent to this park is Veteran’s Memorial Field, where the Leechburg Blue Devils play all of their home football games during the Fall football season. It is also a vast area to do outdoor activities.

Leechburg-Gilpin Park

Leechburg Gilpin Park is biggest park in the Leechburg area. It is packed with lots of things to do. It features:

  • Three baseball fields.
  • A 4 hoop basketball court.
  • A two court tennis court.
  • 5 Main Covered pavilions.
  • Two main and some adjacent kids playground equipment.
  • The Leechburg Area Pool with a high dive, water slide, and toddler pool.
  • Several Pokemon Go Stops / Ingress Portals for those who enjoy virtual gaming.

In the Spring months you can find lots of baseball and softball being played here. The Leechburg Blue Devils play baseball and softball here every Spring/Summer. It is also a very popular destination for walking as the layout provides a nice loop and parking is available at either end or the middle of the park.

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School Park

Features a full play set with slides, monkey bars, and places to climb. Swings and a half-court basketball hoop are also available. The school uses the park during lunchtime from September to May.

One of the most extensive pieces of children’s play equipment in the Leechburg area.

Kiski Ave Park

This small park along Kiski Avenue in great for small kids. Teeter-totters, a jungle gym, and a swing set with 4 swings adorns the area. There is a small, covered picnic bench at the park as well.

Leechburg Area Pool

The Leechburg Area Pool is the community swimming pool for Leechburg and Gilpin Township. It is located in Leechburg-Gilpin Park. This is the place to be in the Leechburg area during the hot Pennsylvania Summers. It features a children’s pool, slides, an ADA lift, and a large pool with a shallow end, a 3-6 foot deep stretch, and a 10-foot deep diving well with 3 diving boards. There are two low boards and one high-dive.

You must purchase a membership or day pass to enter. Great place to bring the whole family. Also has a kitchen that serves up fresh-cut french fries and other things to eat.


The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak

Kiski River Canoe & Kayak is the best place to help you get wet in the Kiskiminetas River.

They provide Canoe and Kayak Sales and Rentals on the Kiskiminetas River, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Evelyn and Neill Andritz invite you to visit their canoe and kayak sales and rental store along the Kiski River just outside Leechburg, PA. Trips are available from a variety of locations, from Avonmore to Schenley. Livery service is available for renters as well as boat owners.

Visit The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak

Neill & Evelyn Andritz
3158 River Road 
Leechburg, PA 15656