National Public House

Located in the old Leechburg Hotel, formerly The Twisted Thistle, National Public House is a high-end dining experience in Leechburg.


127 Market St
Leechburg, PA 15656

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Walking Bridge

The Walking Bridge in Leechburg is a unique feature of the town. It connects Leechburg and Hyde Park for pedestrian traffic only. The bridge is currently situated on two old railroad bridge piers left after a significant flood destroyed the bridge that was there. On the other side, it is named the Hyde Park Foot Bridge.

Features fantastic views of the Kiskiminetas River. The walking surface is grated so that you can see well below you. The bridge also sways and bounces as you cross, giving it a unique feel.

Lighting for nighttime was recently installed.

The bridge is 600 feet long and 4 1/2 feet wide. The current bridge was opened in 1955.

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Mill Bridge

This Bridge is only used to access the West Leechburg branch of Allegheny Ludlum. This bridge was built in 1938 and rehabilitated last in 1992. It is 704 feet long.

Down the river from this bridge, you can see an old pier for a former bridge that occupied this spot.

This is a bridge to nowhere these days. West Leechburg does not provide car access to the mill, which is being scraped slowly. There is no reason to cross the river except to perform that activity.

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Lover’s Leap

The leap is the best view located just a mile outside of town on Lover’s Leap Road.

Leechburg Museum

The Leechburg Museum is the place to go if you’re into history. With countless artifacts of Leechburg’s past, it is a must-see when visiting Leechburg.

There are two floors to explore that are packed with things to see. Numerous copies of Leechburg’s former paper, The Leechburg Advance, are housed within. You can also find a copy of every yearbook published by the high school back in the 1920s. If you or someone you know graduated from the area, you can look up their photos from their high school days.

A trip to the Leechburg Museum

I recently visited the Leechburg Museum and was blown away by the depth and breadth of its exhibits. The museum is housed in a beautiful, historic building that has been lovingly restored to its former glory. Visitors can explore a fascinating collection of artifacts and displays that tell the story of Leechburg and the surrounding area.

One of the museum’s highlights is the collection of vintage photographs, which offer a glimpse into daily life in Leechburg over the past century. There are also exhibits dedicated to the town’s history as a center of industry, with displays of local factories and the people who worked in them.

For those interested in military history, the museum has a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the various wars in which local residents have served. It also displays the town’s role in the Underground Railroad and the Native American tribes that once lived in the area.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting the Leechburg Museum for anyone interested in local history. The exhibits are well-curated and informative, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It’s a great way to learn more about this fascinating corner of Pennsylvania.

The Museum is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon to 3PM. It is closed in January and February. It is located at 118 First Street.

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Leechburg Bridge

This is the main artery connecting Leechburg with Westmoreland County. A pedestrian walkway is on the Eastern side of the bridge.

You can get great views of the bridge from the island in the middle of the Kiskiminetas River during dry periods of Summer. You can also travel under the bridge where River Avenue connects to the Riverfront Park.

First erected in 1862, the original bridge was swept away by a flood only 13 years later. A second bridge was built in 1876, but it was also destroyed. The third bridge was built in 1889 and raised above the flood level in 1907. The final bridge was built in 1935, but not due to a destroyed bridge this time.

The bridge was rehabilitated in 1984. It is 669 feet long and 43 feet wide and carries three lanes of traffic across the river.

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Leechburg High School

Leechburg High School has been around in its current form since 1922. The elementary school joined the complex in the 1990s to house all of Leechburg’s students.

The building also features a skywalk to the neighboring Baker Building where the cafeteria and the school administration are housed.

The school district contains Gilpin Township, Leechburg Borough, and West Leechburg Borough.

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Leechburg Cemetery

The Leechburg Cemetery has a long history here in Leechburg. The cemetery used to be located near the corner of 2nd Street and Center Avenue up to Siberian Avenue. In fact, that section of 2nd street did not exist until after cemetery was moved.

David Leech, the founder of Leechburg, is buried here. As is William Rogers (1827-1901), who was the first man to use natural gas in the manufacture of iron.

The cemetery now is located up off of 3rd street. It is on the edge of town, on a hill. The cemetery was moved due to fears of disease from poor burial methods. Not all the stones and markers were moved however, and every so often a resident digs a tombstone up out of their back yard.

The cemetery is very old and a number of graves have shifted or fallen over. A new board to oversee the cemetery was formed in 2011 and should be in better condition.

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The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak

Kiski River Canoe & Kayak is the best place to help you get wet in the Kiskiminetas River.

They provide Canoe and Kayak Sales and Rentals on the Kiskiminetas River, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Evelyn and Neill Andritz invite you to visit their canoe and kayak sales and rental store along the Kiski River just outside Leechburg, PA. Trips are available from a variety of locations, from Avonmore to Schenley. Livery service is available for renters as well as boat owners.

Visit The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak

Neill & Evelyn Andritz
3158 River Road 
Leechburg, PA 15656 


Kiskiminetas River

The locals will tell you that this river is the 2nd fastest flowing river in the world. Of its 27 miles of winding water, the part that passes Leechburg has shaped this town since its very beginnings. Leechburg is home to 3 different bridges that cross over this river, more than most towns.

It’s also a very dangerous river, citizens of the Leechburg Area will tell you to keep away from it’s fast waters, and they are correct. There is an exposed island upriver from the Leechburg bridge that you can cross over to during dry spells.

If you want to get wet, check out The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak upstream from Leechburg off of Route 66. They’ll set you up with a canoe and guidance for tackling the Kiski.

How to Canoe or Kayak on the Kiskiminetas River

The River’s Edge Canoe & Kayak on Route 66

Drone Footage during an Ice Jam, January 2018